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About GAB Endoscopy Center, Ltd.

Most of the physicians performing gastrointestinal endoscopy at GAB Endoscopy Center Ltd. are Board Certified in the Specialty of Internal Medicine and the Sub-Specialty of Gastroenterology. They are members of the many professional associations and are highly regarded by their patients, peers and the community in general. Other professionals working at the facility, such as surgeons, dentists and certified registered nurses are also highly qualified.

The first Medicare-certified ambulatory endoscopy center opened in 1987; as of today, there are more than 600 such centers in the USA. Out of the hospital endoscopy services, advantages for patients include convenience, efficiency, economy and more pleasant surroundings. Payers and medical insurance companies appreciate easier access to medical care for their customers, reduced costs, and improved marketing and competitive strengths.

The value of endoscopy service is defined as the best care with the lowest cost. GAB Endoscopy Center Ltd. benchmarks the services delivered by its providers against performance measures developed at the national level.

Some of the measures monitored on an ongoing basis at GAB Endoscopy Center Ltd include:

a. Polyp detection rate during screening colonoscopy
b. Cecum intubation rate for all colonoscopies
c. Post-procedure complications
d. An appropriate time interval between examinations
e. Body mass index

GAB Endoscopy Center Ltd is proud to report that its performance measures improve upon the recognized national standards


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