SAN MARCOS, TX – Many families take part in Christmas celebrations by sharing a meal with their loved ones, but diabetics are often overlooked when seasonal meals are prepared. Central Texas Medical Center (CTMC) will present its latest free healthy cooking demonstration, “Delicious Diabetic Dishes” on Dec. 5 from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. in the hospital’s Community Classroom. The event will be led by the Dietary and Nutrition Team and will focus on diabetic-friendly dishes that everyone can enjoy for holiday meals. Attendees will learn how to prepare low-carbohydrate side dishes and desserts to keep their blood sugar and waist lines under control.

“It’s always good for people to remember that they are mainly in control of their condition,” said CTMC Diabetes Educator Mario Torres. “That’s why getting together with medical professionals like diabetes educators or dietitians will help to expedite the process, getting to the desired target soon and safer.”

As part of CTMC’s practice of the CREATION Health principles, the Institute for Healthy Living (IFHL), in conjunction with the hospital’s clinical dietitians, offer a variety of dietary counseling options as well as quarterly free healthy cooking classes. From learning healthy substitutions to new and healthier ways to prepare some of your old favorites, the free, one-hour offerings have provided many participants with effective takeaways to improve their eating habits.

For more information about “Delicious Diabetes Dishes” or other programs for personal wellness and weight management, call the CTMC Institute for Healthy Living at 512-753-3818 or visit

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